I’m a nurse.

I’m not sure if you’ve been paying attention to the HUGE backlash of nurses from the statement made by the women on The View this week, but it’s been quite the uprising.


The women on the view seemed to think that the Miss America contestant who gave a personal testimony about her experience in nursing was comical. In essence, they bashed her speech. Afterwards, another woman commented, “Why is she wearing a doctor’s stethoscope?”

The thing about this is that the View is a silly show all about gossip and a group of women making fun of things in the media. Great, so a pointless show anyway. These women don’t do their research, they want a laugh more than they want the facts, and in many cases, they are just ignorant. So who can blame them, they made an ignorant statement and suddenly nurses all over the country hate the View for bashing our profession.

I don’t hate the View. I don’t watch the View, and I think they are ignorant. But I don’t hate it.

Did you hear what they said after the nursing comment? They began bashing a hardworking, talented violinist.

Who even watches this show??

Anyway, I believe the vast majority of the people I meet have a great respect for nurses. Most people have been impacted in some way by a nurse who either cared for them or for a family member. I usually receive a warm “thank you for what you do” when I tell people I’m a nurse, because it is hard and emotionally wearing, but so rewarding.

Except the other day in clinic.

I work as an Orthopedic Surgical nurse now (as of 2 months ago) and I love it.

I love scrubbing in and learning to suture and seeing patients before and after surgery to see how far they’ve come.

But this day I had a reaction from a patient’s family member that left an awful taste in my mouth.

The wife of my patient asked if I was a RN, I said yes I was.

She then said that her granddaughter wanted to be a nurse, but she is trying to discourage that mindset.

I asked why in the world she would discourage her from nursing.

She said that her granddaughter was smart. VERY SMART. She didn’t want her wasting all that potential on just being a nurse.

“Right,” I said and turned bright red. I usually don’t get angry, but COME ON LADY.

So I listened while she backpedaled a bit and said – “not that nurses don’t make that much money, oh but it’s not all about the money” and OH MY GOSH I had to get out of there. “The doctor will be in shortly.” I’m pretty sure I slammed the door.

It was at that moment that I realized that not everyone respects nursing. Not everyone sees it from the inside. To some (probably in older generations) we are just medical professionals who weren’t good enough to be doctors.

Today, that is absolutely not the case. We don’t WANT to be doctors, we want to be nurses.

I went home that night pretty upset, but the truth is, that isn’t why I do nursing.

I’m not a nurse because I want to be praised for what I do. I’m a nurse because I love caring for people. I love seeing them as individuals who can use my help. God set my path for nursing so very clearly and I am so glad. I love direct patient care. I learn something every day and I am so very grateful for the work set before me.

I’m proud to be a nurse


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