surrogate savior

“There ain’t no surrogate savior for my soul and there ain’t no patron saint for rock and roll…. Christ alone can save my soul.”

-Jon Foreman (The Patron Saint for Rock n’ Roll)

Have you guys listened to the new The Wonderlands album songs released by Jon Foreman over the past few days? If not, go now. It’s free on Spotify, of course.


Reasons why I love Jon Foreman:

1. He cuts to the core of humanity and the messed up ways we represent Christianity.

2. He cuts to the core of our graceful God who loves us always in our sin and dirt.

3. He is real about his own sin.

4. He is one of the most brilliant lyricists and song-writers ever ever.

So GO listen. His seasons albums are also incredible and so rooted in the Gospel you’ll cry.

Also… Switchfoot rocks. Duh.

Okay, gush-session over.

The reason why I bring this particular song up is that I’ve been struggling with putting many other things before Christ as my Savior.

Like running. And money. And work. And relationships. And chaos. And my appearance… (the list is loong)

But all of these things let me down in the end, and I find that I’m not a good person on my own. I don’t truly do any of these things that I am valuing or idolizing well. And the more I’m inwardly focused, the more my soul suffers and so do those around me. Woof, that was hard to say. Hard, but true.

I’ve realized that obsessing over running isn’t a good thing for me. I like running, but the more pressure I put on myself to win or be awesome at it, the more disappointed in myself I become. I am grateful for the ability to run, I need to remember that more. So I’ve decided to forget about focusing so much on my pace each run, and instead focus on listening to my body, spending time in prayer, and enjoying that time like I used to do. Because truly, I love it.

This week I had a really nice and cool run on the Tweetsie Trail. 11 great miles.



Me after the 11 miles…


Sometime you just need a good run to remember why you’re doing it in the first place.

And my run today was great time-wise, and I wasn’t even going for time. That’s a lesson for me…

Ladder splits! at 7:27 overall!
Ladder splits! at 7:27 overall!


My husband and I have been struggling with our communication. I hear that that’s a newlywed thing, but it doesn’t make it any easier. We’re about to make a (move!!) change soon that will require a lot of communication and patience on both of our parts. Here’s to God using tough circumstances to learn to trust Him.

I’m extremely thankful for the ways God rocks my world.

Happy Wednes(hump)day. It’s hot here in sunny TN. Hope ya’ll are wearing your sunscreen 😉

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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