This week has been incredible. Did you know that God sets things into place long before they are a blip on our radar? When we are struggling and lost in where our future is heading, He is constant, he knows exactly how that prayer or cry for help will be answered- be it 1 month, 1 year, or 10 years. Five years ago God placed it on my heart to be a nurse, this week I saw why for the first time. Things I can’t talk about just yet- but big things are happening for the Wadleys very very soon.

In other news, I’m becoming a (SUPER) amateur photographer of sorts.

I love picture-taking. Really really love it. I hope that I continue to grow in this hobby and keep getting better and maybe even turn into a part-time thing. Maybe.

But for now, I’m just barely getting started taking people pictures.

This weekend I went to Asheville to hang out with my sister. Thankfully she let me take some shots of her around town. We had a blast and she is GORGEOUS.

Check it out.

15.04.18 15.04.18-14 15.04.18-13 15.04.18-12 15.04.18-11 15.04.18-10 15.04.18-9 15.04.18-8 15.04.18-7 15.04.18-6 15.04.18-5 15.04.18-4 15.04.18-3 15.04.18-2

They’re not perfect, but this is where I’m starting. I’m thankful for a fun hobby and a nice camera to kickstart.

Happy Monday!

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